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You Say You Want a Revolution:

The 21st Century Motherhood Movement:
Mothers Speak Out on Why We Need to Change the World
and How to Do It

edited by Andrea O'Reilly

News and blog mentions about The 21st Century Motherhood Movement

Review from ILCA (International Lactation Consultant Association)

Matricentic Feminism: Feminism That Prioritizes The Needs Of Mothers, mommyish.com, June 2011


21st Century Motherhood

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May 2011
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The 21st Century Motherhood Movement Table of Contents


Introduction: Maternal Activism as Matricentric Feminism: The History, Ideological Frameworks, Political Strategies and Activist Practices of the 21st Century Motherhood Movement
Andrea O’Reilly

Section I: Becoming a Mother: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding

1. Empowering Women to Become Mothers: Midwifery in Ontario, 1990-2010
Judith Mintz

2. Public Education and the Midwives Alliance of North America: Giving Birth to “Mothers Naturally”
Melissa Cheyney, Elizabeth Moore, and Geradine Simkins

3. Articulating a Rhetoric of Agency for Pregnancy Through Intersectionality: The National Advocates for Pregnant Women
Michelle Trim

4. Different Songs, Same Harmony: SisterSong’s Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective
Jennifer Musial

5. Birth Trauma Canada: Advocating for the Rights of Childbearing Women
Penny Christensen

6. Maternity Coalition: Australia’s National Maternity Consumer Advocacy Organization
Lareen Newman, Kerreen Reiger, and Monica Campo

7. Caritas, donum vitae, pro familia, and Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen: Supporting Mothers and Sustaining the Next Generation of Germany
Sonja M. Allen

8. The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood: Confronting Maternal Mortality as the Health Scandal of Our Time
Lynn Comerford

9. Save The Mothers Programs
Jacqueline Ciccio Parsons

10. Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) Ireland: Supporting Women, Promoting Change
Christina Bermingham

11. Keeping Mum, Community Art Project: Joining the Dots … Mapping Maternal Identity in Ireland
Martina Hynan

12. A BOLD Theatre Action: The Birth on Labor Day Movement to Make Maternity Care Mother-Friendly
Kryn Freehling-Burton

13. The International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization: Working To Create Optimal Maternity Care Worldwide
Robbie Davis-Floyd, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Mayri Sagady Leslie, Rae Davies, Hélène Vadeboncoeur, and Rodolfo Gómez Ponce de León

14. Surgery is a Natural Birth Plan for Many Women: The Organization electivecesarean.com
Pauline McDonagh Hull

15. La Leche League International
Cindy Cowan

16. Middle-Class Mothers as Activists for Change: The Australian Breastfeeding Association
Virginia Thorley

Section II: Maternal Identities

17. Project GirlMom: An Affirmation of Positive Maternal Identity
Sandy M. May

18. “When you are coming out of the gate placed way behind as a woman and a woman of color…
it’s a huge pile on top of you to work your way through”: The Latina Mami Collective, Austin, Texas
Cristina Herrera

19. Single Mothers by Choice: No Time to Wait for a Perfect Partner
Veronika Novoselova

20. Incarcerated Mothers, Mothers First and Foremost: Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
Karen Shain

21. The Right to Mother – DAWN-RAFH Canada: 25 Years of Activism for Reproductive Control of Our Bodies
Jewelles Smith

22. Mocha Moms: Lifting as We Climb
R. Dianne Bartlow

23. Queering the Family Tree: LGBTQ Parenting Network, Sherbourne Health Centre
Rachel Epstein

Section III: Maternal Advocacy

24. The Mother Centers International Network
Monika Jaeckel

25. The Birth and Evolution of the National Association of Mothers’ Centers: My Radical Hope
Lorri Slepian, with Laurie Sylla and Rosanne Weston

26. Empowering First-Time Mothers: The Feminist Coping with Change Maternal Health Promotion Program
Fiona Joy Green

27. Honouring our Grandmothers’ Spirits: Warriors Against Violence Society
Donna Lester-Smith and Joyce Fossella

28. Our Family Coalition: Mothering on the Curve
Heaven Walker

29. Family and Home Network: Listening, Learning and Leading for Over 25 Years
Catherine H. Myers

30. Attachment Parenting International: Nurturing Generations of Mothers, Children and Families
Sally Dear-Healey

31. Choice Moms: Building Community, Resources and Services for the Choice Mom Community Worldwide
Christin Geall

32. Bad Mothers Club: The Online Safe Haven for Australian Mums. Politically Incorrect or Reality Parenting?
Amanda Cox

33. Feminism by Stealth in the Suburbs: The Feminist Mothers Discussion Group
Andrea Fox

34. Toronto Feminist Mothers: A Work in Progress
Tania Jivraj

Section IV: Maternal Activism

35. Mothers Are Women
Kristen Abatsis McHenry

36. MOTHERS Uniting and Organizing for Change: The Next Step in Building a Mothers’ Movement
Linda Lisi Juergens

37. Mothers & More: Fighting “Invisimomibility”: to Make Mothering Count
Jenna Vinson

38. Welfare Warriors: Fighting for the Lives of Mothers and Children
Pat Gowens

39. MomsRising: A Million-Member Organization Working to Ensure Family Economic Security and to End Discrimination Against Mothers
Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner and Mary Olivella

40. Jennifer Schumaker’s 500 Mile Walk for Togetherness
Natalie Wilson

41. The LGBT Family Coalition of Quebec
Nancy Nicol

42. Changing the World One Mother at a Time: The International Mothers and Mothering Network
Melinda Vandenbeld Giles

43. Mother Outlaws: Building Communities of Empowered: Feminist Mothers in the Mother’hood
Linn Baran

44. The Mothers Movement Online
Rachel Sutz Pienta

Section V: Violence, Militarism, War and Peace

45. How to Mobilize One Million Mothers: The Million Mom March and the Power of the Social Network
Rachel Sutz Pienta

46. United Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere: Moving Up, Moving Outward
Laura Pennington

47. Taking Back the Streets, Helping Victims Heal: “Mothers In Charge” in Philadelphia
Abigail L. Palko

48. Policing the Police in Every Mother’s Son: A Profile of Mother-Warriors Seeking Justice in New York City
Amber Fatima Riaz

49. No Body, No Crime? The Mothers of Acari and the Struggle for Justice and Non-Violence
Tatiana Moura and Rita Santos

50. Mothers Against Trafficking Humans
Glendene Grant

51. American Mothers Fighting the Vietnam War: Another Mother for Peace
Meghan Gibbons

52. The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo
Marguerite Guzmán Bouvard

53. The Mothers of Laleh Park: The Mourning Mothers of Iran Demand an End to Violence
Susan Logsdon-Conradsen

54. The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers in Russia: Anti-War and Human Rights Activists
Susan Logsdon-Conradsen

55. Gold Star Families Speak Out: Coalitions and Anti-War Maternal Activism
Jocelyn Fenton Stitt

56. Raising a Ruckus with CODEPINK: Women for Peace
Gayle Brandeis

57. Peace X Peace: Global Motherhood for the Twenty-first Century
Mary Liston Liepold

58. Cindy Sheehan
Natalie Wilson

Section VI: Social Change and Social Justice

59. Mothers Against Drunk Driving: How Two Mothers’ Personal Pain Birthed a Social Movement
Laura Dreuth Zeman

60. Mainstreet Moms: Organize or Bust
Lisa Federer

61 The Mother-Daughter Project
Renée Schultz

62. The Playground Revolution: Working and Stay-at-Home Parents Fight on the Same Side
Sarah Cote Hampson

63. Mothers Acting Up: Mobilizing Mothers to Act on Behalf of the World’s Children
Juliana Forbes and Beth Osnes

64. Moms on the Move: BC Families Supporting People with Special Needs
Andrea Doyle Hugmeyer

65. Shifting the Paradigm: International Feminists for a Gift Economy
Genevieve Vaughan

66. Feminist.com
Amy Richards

67. The Motherhood Project and Mothers for a Human Future: Motherworld Values and the Movement to Preserve Our Humanity
Enola G. Aird

68. Mothers of East Los Angeles: Trailblazers in Environmental Justice
R. Dianne Bartlow

Section VII: Writing, Researching, and Performing Motherhood

69. An Association, a Journal, and a Press of Our Own: The Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement, the Journal of the Motherhood Initiative, and Demeter Press
Andrea O’Reilly

70. Birthing and Re-Birthing Down Under: From ARM-A to AMIRCI
Marie Porter and Julie Kelso

71. Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics
Sigal Spigel and Lisa Baraitser

72. Supporting Feminist Scholarship and Activism: National Women’s Studies Association Feminist Mothering Caucus
Arlene Sgoutas

73. Matriarchies as Mother-Centered Societies
Heide Goettner-Abendroth

74. Moms Rock! with Mamapalooza
Lynn Kuechle and Joy Rose

75. Museum of Motherhood, The Cultural Family: Honoring Mothers in Perpetuity
Lynn Kuechle and Joy Rose

76. Hip Mama
Ariel Gore

77. Things No One Will Tell You: Literary Mama Writes About Motherhood Outside the Mainstream Media
Caroline M. Grant

78. Yo’Mama/Literature for Life
Jo Altilia

79. Literary Brainchild: Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers
Ann Douglas

80. Mothering: A Magazine, a Website, a Cultural Shift
Peggy O’Mara

81. You Say You Want a Revolution—The Film
Lynn Kuechle and Joy Rose


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