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Academic Motherhood




Academic Motherhood

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May 2012
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Table of Contents


Academic Motherhood in a Post-Second Wave Context: Framing the
D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein and Andrea O’Reilly

section one: challenges

1. Spies Like Us: The Lives of Double Agents Evolving
Identities and Strategies of Mothers in Academe
Bethany Crandell Goodier

2. “We Shoot our Wounded”: Pregnancy, Mothering and
ppd on the Tenure Track
Kerri Kearney with Lucy Bailey

3. “You Can Slip one in Between Your Thesis and Comps”: Unanticipated Consequences of
Having a Baby in Graduate School
Serena Patterson

4. Balancing Work and Family in Higher Education: Best Practices and
Heather Wyatt-Nichol, Margarita Cardona, and Karen Drake

5. Solving the N Puzzle: Memoir of a Mother-Scholar
Caroline Barber

6. “Which June?’ What Baby?” The Continued Invisibility of Maternity in
Laura J. Beard

7. Academic Mothers Climb the Ladder of Promotion and Tenure: one Rung
at a Time
Michelle L. Vancour

8. Contract-Faculty Mothers on the Track To Nowhere
Linda Ennis

section two: strategies

9. “I Should Have Married Another Man; I Couldn’t Do
What I Do Without Him”: Intimate Heterosexual Partnerships and their Impact on
Mothers’ Success in Academe
Andrea O’Reilly

10. From Motherhood, Through Widowhood: The Path to Receiving
the Academic Hood
Yvonne Redmond-Brown Banks

11. Non-Tenure-track Academic Work … The “Mommy Track”
or A Strategy for Resistance?
Jill M. Wood

12. Demeter on Strike: Fierce Motherhood on the Picket Line and the Playground
Laurie J. C. Cella

13. Re-Writing the Script
Jennifer Hauver James

14. Being a Mother Academic: or, I Didn’t Get a Ph.d. to
Become a Mom
Joanne Minaker

15. Integrating the Personal and the Professional
Rachel Epp Buller

16. Halving It All: Co-parenting in an Academic Couple
Karen Christopher and Avery Kolers

17. Great Expectations for Moms in Academia: Work/Life Integration and
Addressing Cognitive Dissonance
Marta McClintock-Comeaux

section three: possibilities

18. Academic Autonomy: Authority, Self-Confidence, and
Sylvia Burrow

19. Being and Thinking Between Second and Third Wave Feminisms: Theorizing a Strategic
Alliance Frame to Understand Academic Motherhood
D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein

20. The Cost of an Education: Exploring the Extended
Reach of Academe in Family Life
Amber Kinser

21. Basketball, Skating, and Scholarship:
or, How to do Research from the Bench, the Rink, and the Car
Elizabeth Podnieks

22. Academic Mother Crossing Linguistic and Cultural Borders
Masako Kato

23. Mothers in Law: Re-thinking Equality to Do Justice to Children in Academia
Isabelle Martin and Julie Paquin

24. Liberalism’s Leaky Legacy: Theory and the Narratives of Graduate Student
Jamie Huff, Sarah Coté Hampson, and Corinne M. Tagliarina

Contributor Notes

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