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Counting on Marilyn Waring


Counting on Marilyn Waring

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January 2014
300 pages $34.95

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Table of contents




Margunn Bjørnholt & Ailsa McKay

  1. Advances in Feminist Economics in Times of Economic Crisis    
    Margunn Bjørnholt & Ailsa McKay

  2. Feminist Economics as Vision for a Sustainable Future
    Iulie Aslaksen, Torunn Bragstad & Berit Ås

  3. Everything Needs Care: Toward a Context-Based Economy
    Sabine O’Hara

  4. Reflections on Unpaid Household Work, Economic Growth, and Consumption Possibilities
    Iulie Aslaksen & Charlotte Koren

  5. Women’s Unpaid Work Was Counted But. . .
    Johanna Varjonen & Leena M. Kirjavainen

  6. Accounting For Death: Infant Mortality, the MDGs, and Women’s (Dis)Empowerment
    Monica J. Casper & William Paul Simmons

  7. Substantive Equality, Stockholm Syndrome and the Costs of Child Sexual Abuse
    Shirley Jülich

  8. A Pacific Way of Counting
    Tagaloatele Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop

  9. Narrative Trumps Numbers: Marilyn Waring in the World
    Rod Dobell, with Jodie Walsh

  10. If Mothers Counted: Status Symbols for the Invisible Art of Mothering
    Hadara Scheflan Katzav & Shira Richter

  11. Whose Rights Count? A Research Journey with Marilyn Waring on Unpaid HIV Care and the Economics of Dignity
    Meena Shivdas & Anit N. Mukherjee

  12. Rural, Northern Canadian Women’s Caregiving Experiences in the Context of Economic Values
    Heather I. Peters, Dawn Hemingway, Anita Vaillancourt & Jo-Anne Fiske

  13. Creating Conceptual Tools for Change: Marilyn Waring’s Influence in Australia
    Marty Grace & Lyn Craig

  14. Making Mothers’ Milk Count
    Julie P. Smith

  15. Resilient Feminism: Social Movement Strategy in a Conservative Regnum      
    Mara Fridell & Lorna Turnbull

  16. Counting Embodied Learning: Marilyn Waring and Feminist Pedagogical Practice
    Jill Eichhorn

  17. Post-graduate Supervision with MJW
    Karen Webster

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