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Latina/Chicana Mothering
edited by Dorsia Smith Silva

Lating Chicana Mothering

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Latina/Chicana Mothering Review - Latino Studies (2013) 11, 608–609

Latina/Chicana Mothering Review - SARGASSO 2012-2013, I & II


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Latina/Chicana Mothering
Table of Contents

Introduction: Conceptualizing Latina/Chicana Mothering 
Dorsía Smith Silva

I: Telling Our Tales: Testimonios

Are Hunters Born or Made?
Ana Castillo

My Mother’s Memory 
Mayra Santos-Febres

How (In a Time of Trouble) I Discovered My Mom and Learned to Live 
Junot Díaz

Journey to Motherhood 
Dorsía Smith Silva

Learning the Hard Way 
Angie Cruz

Mi Madre, Mi Hija y Yo: The Journey across Time, Culture, and Boundaries
Michelle Tellez

II: Counting the Ways to Mother: Communities and Resources

Life, Death, and Second Mothering: Mexican American Mothers, Gang Violence, 
and La Virgen de Guadalupe 
Richard Mora

“No hay nada tan mala/There is nothing so bad . . .”:  Exploring Resources and Resilience 
Among Generations of Puerto Rican Women 
Laura Ruth Johnson

Mexican American Women Redefining Good Mothering and Quality Education
Gilda L. Ochoa

III: Scenes of La Familia: Facing Challenges

Latina Teenage Mothering: Meanings, Challenges, and Successes 
Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo, Helyne Frederick, and Yvonne Caldera

Motherhood Unbound: Homeless Chicanas in San Francisco 
Anne R. Roschelle

Surviving War and Trauma: Consequences for Salvadorian Mother-Daughter Relationships 
Mirna E. Carranza

IV: The Ties that Bind: Literary and Cultural Representations of Latina/Chicana Mothers

Counternarratives in the Literary Works of Mexican Author Ángeles Mastretta and Chilean Author Pía Barros 
Mary Lou Babineau

Contesting the Meaning of Latina/Chicana Motherhood in Dreaming in Cuban by Cuban American Cristina García 
Yolanda Martínez

The Telenovela Alborada: Constructions of Mother in an Internationally Successful Spanish-language Soap Opera
Petra Guerra, Diana I. Rios, and D. Milton Stokes

Malinches, Lloronas, and Guadalupanas: Chicana Revisions of Las Tres Madres
Cristina Herrera

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