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Maternal Pedagogies

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Maternal Pedagogies: In and Outside the Classroom
Deborah Lea Byrd and Fiona Joy Green    

1. Maternal Pedagogies:  Not Just for the Female and Fertile

Queer Pedagogies and the Specter of the Maternal
Jane Ward  

Pedagogy of the Obsessed: Infertility, ivf and How the Search for Maternity Affects Teaching, Learning and a Feminist Self
Rebecca L. Upton  

Reclaiming Maternal Pedagogies in a British Columbia Aboriginal Head Start Program
Margaret MacDonald  

2. Being a Recipient of Maternal Pedagogies: The Child/Student’s Point of View

Re-Searching Mommy: Narrating My Inquiry of Maternal Pedagogies
Jennifer Watt  

African Maternal Pedagogies: Sociological and Educational Implications
Adwoa Ntozake Onuora  

“If I Had a Normal Job, I Couldn’t Do This”: Exploring the Economics of Disability Advocacy Motherhood and Inclusive Education
Samantha Walsh and Elisabeth Harrison  

3. Learning With and From One’s Children: Some Mothers’ Experiences

The Baffled Mother: Maternal Puzzlement in Narrative, in Pedagogy, in Academia
Martha Satz  

Maternal Pedagogies as a Function of Mothers’ Ways of Knowing
Tabitha R. Holmes and Lynne A. Bond                          

Crossing Bridges: Maternal Pedagogies for the ad(h)d Child
Karen I. Case and Victoria Proulx-Schirduan   

4. Pedagogical Othermothering

The African-American Teacher as Othermother 1863 to the Present
Margaret Auguste

Mothering Student Activists: Reflections on Maternal/Feminist Service-Learning Pedagogy
Deborah Lea Byrd            

Mothering and Cancer: The Awakening of an Ecofeminist
Heidi Hutner

5. Motherlines: Recording, Analyzing, and Transmitting Maternal Pedagogies

Reading Our Foremothers: Victorian and Eighteenth-Century Literary Mothers and Millennial Readers
Katherine Ellison and Cynthia Huff    

Aboriginal Single Mother Students:  Teaching the Next Generation(s) by Example 
Marlene Pomrenke

Feminist Maternal Pedagogies: Inside and Outside the Classroom
Fiona Joy Green

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