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Muslim Mothering




Muslim Mothering

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July 2014
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Olwan, Dana M. “Introduction: Muslim Mothering, Religiosity, and Transhistorical Practices.”

Nurmila, Nina. “Social and Religious Constructions of Motherhood in Indonesia.”

Ghadir Fakhri Al-Yayyousi, R. Roudi Nazarinia Roy, and Farid Al-Salim. “Muslim Mothering and Migration.”

Elegbede, Audrey Mouser. “Constructing Counter-Narratives of the ‘Good’ Muslim Mother in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.”

Lacassagne, Aurélie.“Muslim, Immigrant and Francophone in Ontario: A triple minoritization or how to see mothering as an integrative process.”

Curtis, Maria F.“Anatolian ‘Sister Mothers’:  Turkish American Muslim Mothers’ and Grandmothers’ Networks in the American Diaspora.”

Bazaz, Nouf. “Birth Stories as Testimony: Trauma, Violence, and Childbirth in Kashmir.”

Al Sinno, Nadine. “Empowered Muslim Mothering: Navigating War, Border-Crossing, and Activism in El-Haddad’s Gaza Mom.”

Pappano, Margaret Aziza. “Other Mothers: Muslim Adoptive Motherhood in an International Context.”

Zaman, Habiba. “Transcultural Academic Mother: Secrecy, Silence, Negotiations, and Resistance.”


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