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What Do Mothers Need




What do Mothers Need?

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December 2012
386 pages $34.95

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New Book Examines What Mothers Need Today - YFile - Jan 17, 2013


Table of Contents

Introduction: What Do Mothers Need? - Andrea O’Reilly

1. Redefining Motherhood

Moms Under Surveillance: Noticing and Challenging the Idea of “The Good Mother”
- Fiona Joy Green

Rebelling Against “Mom”: Finding Fulfillment Beyond the Media’s Myths of Motherhood
- Estelle Sobel Erasmus

What Mothers Need: For Parenting to Get Under Control - Margaret K. Nelson

Bait and Switch: Moving on from “Mommy Madness” - Judith Warner

Outlaw(ing) Motherhood: A Theory and Politic of Maternal Empowerment for the 21st Century
- Andrea O’Reilly

Matroreform: Reforming Mothering / Reforming Motherhood - Gina Wong

2. Empowering Mothers

Mothers and the Military: What It’s Like and How It Needs to Be - Paula J. Caplan

What More Do You People Want? The Unique Needs of Aboriginal Mothers in a Modern Context
- Dawn Memee Lavell-Harvard

What Do Mothers Need? Money - Pat Gowens

What Do South Asian Mothers Need? Negotiating Culture, Family and Selfhood
 - Jasjit K. Sangha

3. Mothers, Family, Children and Families: Health and Well-Being

What Do Mothers Need? Midwives - Barbara Katz Rothman

DisAbled Mothers and the 21st Century: Finding Empowerment through Activism
- Jewelles Smith

Toward a Feminist Analysis of Motherhood, Family, and Food Allergies                                   
- Heather Hewett

4. Mothers, Education and Social Change

(Cheesy) Mami Issues and Representations - Melissa Maldonado-Salcedo

Influencing Evolution Through an Evolving Revolution
- Lorri P. Slepian and Laurie N. Sylla

In the Scholarly Way: Marking Generations of Inroads to Empowered Indigenous Mothering
- Jennifer Brant and Kim Anderson

Ripe for Revolution - Gwen Lewis

5. Mothers, Partners and Parenting

Shared Parenting and Challenges for Maternal Autonomy - Susan B. Boyd

What do Mothers Need? Not to Give up on Their Own Ambitions and Persistence in Securing Partner Participation in Family Life - D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein

Beyond Baby Mama Drama: What Black Single Mothers Expect from the Fathers of their Children - Wanda Thomas Bernard

“Blurred Lines and Grey Flecks”: Breadwinning Mothers, Caregiving Fathers, and a Dilemma of Gender “Equality” in Care - Andrea Doucet

6. Mothers and Work

Thoughts on the Implications of “Opting Out” for Motherhood and Mothers’ Movements
- Pamela Stone

Mothers on a Tightrope: Finding Balance with Everything on the Line - Kuae Kelch Mattox

At the Core of the Work/Life Balance Myth: Motherhood and Family Dinners
- Amber E. Kinser

What Mothers and Early Childhood Educators Need, Nut Don’t Always Get: Competing(?) Voices on Childcare in Changing Rural Economies
- Patrizia Albanese, Megan Butryn, Louisa Hawkins, and Courtney Manion

What Mothers Want: Workplace Flexibility - Jocelyn Elise Crowley


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