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Chasing Rainbows

September 2013



Chasing Rainbows

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September 2013
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Chasing Rainbows; Exploring Gender Fluid Parenting Practices was featured in a recent Macleans article: Boys will be Girls: Inside the growing movement of families and experts embracing gender fluidity. By Cathy Gulli

New Article: Toronto Star Story on Chasing Rainbows: Exploring Gender Fluid Parenting Practices


Table of Contents

Fiona Green and May Friedman

Chapter One:
Dancing in the Eye of the Storm: The Gift of Gender Diversity to Our Family
Kathy Witterick

Chapter Two:
Get your Gender Binary Off My Childhood! Towards a Movement for Children's Self- Determination
Jane Ward

Chapter Three:
The Boy in the Red Dress
Susan Goldberg

Chapter Four: 
Trapped in the Wrong Body and Life Uncharted: Anticipation and Identity within Narratives of Parenting Transgender/Gender Non-conforming Children
Jessica Ann Vooris

Chapter Five:
Transgender Men's Self-Representations of Bearing Children Post-Transition
Damien Riggs

Chapter Six:
We're Having a Stanley
j wallace

Chapter Seven:
Between the Village and The Village People: Negotiating Community, Ethnicity and Safety in Gender Fluid Parenting
May Friedman

Chapter Eight:
Feminist Parents' Strategic use of Liminoid Experiences to Produce Sites of Empowerment for Young, Gender-Diverse Children
Sandra Schneider

Chapter Nine:
Complicating the Truth of Gender:  Gender Literacy and the Possible Worlds of Trans Parenting
Jake Pyne

Chapter Ten:
Pink Butterflies and Blue Caterpillars
Arwen Brenneman

Chapter Eleven:
I Wish I Knew How to Make Cabbage Rolls:
An explanation of Why the Future of Ethnicity Relies Upon Gender Fluidity
Sarah Sahagian

Chapter Twelve:
The Parental Transition: A Study of Parents of Gender Variant Children
Elizabeth Rahilly

Chapter Thirteen:
Our Fluid Family:  Engagement, Feminism and Expression
Fiona Joy Green, Barry Edginton and Liam Edginton-Green

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