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Laboring Positions
June 2013

Laboring Positions

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June 2013
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Table of Contents


Introduction: Black Women, Mothering and the Academy  
Extending the Boundaries
Sekile Nzinga-Johnson

Part 1. Transgression

1. Community Property: Black Mother's Communal Ownership of their Daughter's 
Candice Bledsoe and Giovanni N. Dortch

2. Teaching for Change: Notes from a Broke Queer Hustling Mama
Vanessa L. Marr

3. "I Am My Child's First Teacher": Black Motherhood and Homeschooling as Activism Within and Beyond the Academy  
Marcelle M. Haddix and LaToya L. Sawyer

4. Resisting with Child: Black Women's Embodied Negotiations of Motherhood in the  Academy, Sekile Nzinga-Johnson

5. "I'm Not Your Mama; Do Your Work": The Black Female Academic as Surrogate Mother
Tokeya C. Graham

Part 2. Testimony

6. Black Academic and Single Mother: Colliding Statuses
Rosalyn Terborg-Penn

7. And There Went My Adventurer's Spirit: Motherhood and Fieldwork post 9/11
Patricia Williams Lessane

8. Walking Tightropes Without Nets: The Adjunct as Single Mother
Stacia L. Brown

9. Mothering Black: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Mothering in the Nigerian Academy
Rose A. Sackeyfio

10. Clashing Clocks: African-American Women Professors' Perceptions on Parenting on Tenure Track
Markesha S. McWilliams Henderson and Natalie T.J. Tindall

Part 3. Transcendence

11. Daughter Dreams and the Teaching Life of Audre Lorde
Alexis Pauline Gumbs

12. Fighting Phantoms: Mammy, Matriarch, and other Ghosts Haunting Black Mothers in the Academy
Yolanda Covington-Ward

13 Mothering and Mentoring: Relational Dynamics among Black Women in the Academy
Karen T. Craddock

14. Black Women Occupying the Academy: Merging Critical Mothering and Mentoring to Survive and Thrive
Julia Jordan-Zachery




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