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Moms Gone Mad
October 2012

Moms Gone Mad

Publication Date: October 2012
Editor: Gina Wong

Moms Gone Mad

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October 2012
240 pages $34.95

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Preliminary Table of Contents

  •  Introduction, Reformation of Motherhood and Madness: Matroreform—Gina Wong
  • Mothers, Madness, and the Labour of Feminist Practice: Responding to Women in the Perinatal Period-- Jules Smith and Marina Morrow
  • The Space Between: Mothering in the Context of Contradiction? -- Joanne Minaker
  • “The First Rule Is That a Mother Should Govern Her Own Feelings”: Modern Child-Rearing Advice and the Discipline of Maternal Emotions-- Roblyn Rawlins
  • Creating a Space for Mothers Whose Children Have Died by Suicide-- Donna Johnson and Helen Levine
  • Blaming No ‘Body’: Motherhood and Disordered Eating—Gina Wong and Shelly Russell-Mayhew
  • Single Mothers, Stereotypes, and the Insanity of Raising a Child on Your Own—Ellen Hauser
  • Outlaw(ing) Motherhood: A Theory and Politic of Maternal Empowerment for the 21st Century (reprinted)—Andrea O’Reilly
  • The Persistence and Destructiveness of Mother-Blame within Psychological Theory-- Regina Edmonds
  • Postpartum Depression: Culture as Dominate Risk Factor—Gina Wong, Karine Bordua, and Caroline Sandhurst
  • Fractured Motherhood-- Alison Watts
  • (Im)Balancing Act: Caregiving, Depression, and Stress while Mothering Children with Special Needs-- Jennifer Silverman
  • Postpartum Psychosis: A Mother of Madness—Gina Wong and Teresa Twomey
  • Daughters of Depression: Life Inside the Bell Jar-- Nancy Gerber
  • Misplaced Blame: Maternal Depression, Mother-Child Interaction and Attachment—Nicole Letourneau and Gerald Giesbrecht
  • Envious Mothers, Beautiful, High-Spirited Daughters: The First Step Towards Women’s Inhumanity to Women (revised and reprinted)-- Phyllis Chesler
  • Culture Representations of Childlessness: Stories of Motherhood Resistance—Grace Bosibori Nyamongo
  • Mocking Mom: Joke or Hate Speech (revised and reprinted)--Paula Caplan
  • Call Me Crazy (reprinted play)—Paula Caplan
  • The Killing of a Woman: An Organized Crime—Naomi Binder Wall
  • The Mother/Child Papers Revisited (revised and reprinted)-- Alicia Ostriker



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