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Mothering in the Third Wave

September 2008

Mothering in the Third Wave
edited by Amber E. Kinser

Mothering in the Third Wave

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September 2008
216 pages $24.95
ISBN 978-1-55014-485-7

Mothering in the Third Wave is the real deal. On bookstore shelves increasingly crammed with shallow “mama lit,” these stories glow in their complexity and depth. Transformative and inspiring, this one’s a must read."
- Ariel Gore, Founder of Hip Mama Magazine, author of The Essential Hip Mama: Writing from the Cutting Edge of Parenting.

“Mothering in the Third Wave is a welcome addition to scholarship on both third-wave feminism and feminist mothering. The volume continues in the tradition of earlier third-wave anthologies in its inclusive and diverse vision of feminisms and feminists, while forging new ground in its focus on third-wave mothers and third-wave practices of mothering. In exploring how the institution of motherhood is shaped by today’s political and social realities, Mothering in the Third Wave examines contemporary experiences of feminist mothering while connecting to earlier writing on the subject since the 1970s. Recommended for readers of any generation interested in the complexities of feminist mothering in the twenty-first century.”
- Astrid Henry, author of Not My Mother’s Sister: Generational Conflict and Third-Wave Feminism

“This edited collection of essays addresses a broad spectrum of experiences and issues related to contemporary maternity, productively complicating our understanding of this important topic. It should be of interest to students and scholars in a wide range of fields, including women’s studies, communication studies, and sociology. I look forward to using it in my own classes.”
- Sara Hayden, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Studies, University of Montana

Amber E. Kinser is Associate Professor of Communication and Director of Women’s Studies at East Tennessee State University. Her research and writing interests explore mothering, family interaction, feminist theory, and gender. She currently is writing her next book, Motherhood and Feminism, for Seal Press. She is mother to a daughter and a son.


Media for Mothering in the Third Wave:

Review of Mothering in the Third Wave, Herizons Summer 2009 issue.
Reprinted online with generous permission of Melinda Selmys and Herizons Magazine http://www.herizons.ca/home.

Oft-published professor rides Third Wave with first book

Table of Contents


I.    Motherhood Transforming 
1.  An Open Letter to the Lesbians Who Have Mothered Before Me
     Maura Ryan
2. Dispatches from a Displaced Mama: Mothering Through Disaster or Re-membering Home
      Laura Camille Tuley
3. Considerations
      Andrea Fechner
4. Going Down for the Third Time 
      S. Alease Ferguson and Toni C. King
5. Mothering in a Time of Terror
      Lara Lengel, Anca Birzescu and Jennifer Minda

II.  Mothering Resistance 
6. Con Un Palote en Una Mano y Un Libro en la Otra 
(With a Rolling Pin in One Hand and a Book  in the Other)
     Larissa M. Mercado-Lopez
7. My Life as a Transgressor:  Memoir of a Lesbian Soccer Mom
      Marlene G. Fine
 8. In My Mother's House: Mothering, Othering and Resisting Racism
      Akosua Adomako Ampofo
 9. Embracing the Tensions of a Maternal Erotic
      Amber E. Kinser

III. Mothering Contradictions 
10. Second Wave Silences and Third Wave Intensive Mothering
      D. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein
11. Mothering Sons in Japan
      Wendy Nakanishi
12. Empowered Self
      Lori Basden Arnold
13. All Hail the Militant Mom
      Kelly Dorgan

IV. Representing Motherhood 
14. Cherri Moraga’s Queer Transformations: Becoming a Butch Mother
      Susan Driver
15. Of Motherhood Born
      Heather Hewett
16. Representing Motherhood: Reading the Maternal Body in Contemporary Art
      Rachel Epp Buller
17. Mothering in the Digital Age: Navigating the Personal and Political in the Virtual Sphere
      Judith Stadtman Tucker


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