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Mother of Invention
June 2013


Mother of Invention:
How Our Mothers Influenced Us
As Feminist Academics and Activists

Mother of Invention

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June 2013
197 pages $24.95


Table of Contents


“Our Book’s Invention” by Vanessa Reimer and Sarah Sahagian


“Alarm” by Tracy Royce

Chapter One:

“Happy Birthday, Mom!” by Gary Pelletier

Chapter Two:

“Feminism as Practice: Valuing a Feminist Motherline in the Age of
Neoliberalism” by Melinda Vandenbeld Giles

Chapter Three:

“‘Tell Them You’re a Mexican,’ and Other Motherly Advice” by
Karleen Pendleton Jiménez

Chapter Four:

“The Bungalow Mystery: Me, My Mother, and Nancy Drew” by Donna Sharkey

Chapter Five:

“Mothering, Paid Work and Activism – Complementary Dimensions of a Common Vocation” by Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich

Chapter Six:

“It’s About 1000 Miles from Oaxaca, Mexico to San Antonio, Texas and About 2000 Miles from California to Indiana” by Angelica Duran

Chapter Seven:

“A Life Not Lost” By Allison Weir

Chapter Eight:

“A Matrilineal Narrative: My Chinese Mother and I” by Evelyn Chan

Chapter Nine:

“M/Aligning Mother: Queering & Feminist-ing Matroreform” by Joani Mortenson

Chapter Ten:

“Carrying Generational Baggage: How Crises of Physical and Mental Health Shaped Me as a Feminist Psychologist” by Diana Milillo

Chapter Eleven:

“’The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon’: The Unexpected and Enduring Promise of My Mother’s Kitchen Teachings” by Deborah Schnitzer

Chapter Twelve:

“Matriarchal Mothering of a First-Generation Feminist Academic” by Phyllisa Smith Deroze

Chapter Thirteen:

“A (Christian) Feminist’s Thoughts on Religious Mothering, Sexual Purity, and Pat Robertson”
by Vanessa Reimer

Chapter Fourteen:

“Lentils in the Ashes: Excavating the Feminisms in our Motherlines” by Janice Okoomian

Chapter Fifteen:

“I Love You, Mom: One Daughter’s Journey Toward Appreciating Her Mother With the Help of Maternal Theory” by Sarah Sahagian

Chapter Sixteen:

“Impressions of My Mother: On Willfulness and Passionate Scholarship” by Rachel O’Neil



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